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Delhi Toys Market

NEW DELHI: The government is planning to check rising imports.

Along with the BIS, it also plans to increase the number of.

Some gaze at the toys displayed in the window.

and Connaught Place was its upcoming market project. Lutyens’ Delhi was.

The new family plan includes not having kids – NEW DELHI: For chefs Hanisha Singh and Jamsheed Bhote.

of marriage and childbirth or just slower progress to these life.

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According to a recent survey report on the quality of toys in the Indian market, 66.90 per cent of imported toys failed.

New Delhi, Dec 22 () The Commerce and Industry Ministry is taking steps including.

Quality control order on toys is one of the ways to stop flow of cheap sub-standard toys in the market. To ensure.

New Delhi: Indian shoppers are increasingly looking to overseas market to bag the better prices and deals on their preferred.

New Delhi [India], Dec 21 (ANI): Nearly 67 per cent of imported toys have failed the testing survey of the Quality Council of.

New Delhi: Cheap Chinese lights and toys may have inundated Indian markets ahead of New Year, but this time consumers will.